Mock Crab Leg Salad

Mock Crab Leg Salad has tender pasta, cheese, hard boiled eggs and green onions all tossed in a creamy sauce making this one heck of a picnic dish!

Mock Crab Leg Salad

We are real outdoorsy people when it finally unthaws here in Minnesota. We literally live in hibernation for 6 months out of the year and when it finally hits above freezing, we spend the majority of our time outdoors. Read more

Garlic Bread Poppers

Garic Bread Poppers

Have you guy’s ever woke up just famished? That is me this morning. I am so hungry but do not know what to do about it. Yes I know why don’t I just eat something? Like i said before, I’m not a breakfast person so I don’t usually eat breakfast food. I’ll probably devour any sweets that I have laying on my counter because that’s just what I do! That’s acceptable breakfast food right? It’s giving me fuel for the day. Granted I’ll probably have a sugar crash but naps are cool too. I can do that. I’m allowed. Read more