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If you would like to send me ideas or work with me, please contact me via the email listed below! I will get back to you in a timely manner!

Allison Miller {Tornadough Alli} – amiller1119(at)gmail(dot)com!

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  1. Hi Alli,

    I know you and Quinn have started this awesome throwback link party, and I love it! You guys both post such great stuff. I was wondering if you’re looking for another host, I’d love to be a part of it. If not, I totally understand and I’d have honestly no clue where to begin. I’d like to throw my lot in with you guys over everybody else I’ve seen. You keep it real. If you’re in the US I can be reached by phone.

  2. Heya Ali! Just a quick question. I recently started with commentluv and I see you have it. Years ago it worked great for me but now Ai notice it only gi es post credit to me as admin. None of the commenters seem to get thrir last post written. I have the check mark box preselected same as you. I noticed none of your commenters get the post either. I am noticing this on a lot of blogs. Any suggestions? I wrote to their support but so far they haven’t given me any real help! Thanks.

    *it worked here but not on the party?

  3. Hi Alli, Getting ready to make this coconut cheesecake. The recipe calls for 1 envelope of graham cracker crumbs. Not sure what that means. I bought a box of graham cracker crumbs. Its one sealed bag but it says makes 3- 9 inch crusts. How many cups of crumbs do you need for your recipe?

    Thanks Janice

  4. Hi, I made your Italian Ricotta Cake. It would not get done in the center. I even left it in the oven a lot longer than your recipe said. What did get done, I loved. I was very careful with my measurements and I wondered if there is a mistake in the recipe?
    Thanks, Elailne

    1. Hi Elaine,
      I’m sorry your center did not get done. This is known to me a more moist and dense cake so I’m not sure what went wrong as we’ve made this recipe multiple times.

  5. I love the “Tornadough Alli” name. You’re very creative. My daughter recently brought a bowl of soup over for me to taste. It was absolutely delicious. After making it today, with no directions, I actually went on to Pinterest and found you. The soup is Olive Gardens Chicken Gnocchi Soup. Very tasty morsels. I have now copied two more of your recipes that I’ll be trying in the next week. I just wanted to say thank you. I’m looking forward to trying somemore of your meals.

  6. Dear Alli: I want to make the Italian Pinwheels for a large crowd. Nowhere did I see about how many this makes. Your count is?

  7. Hello,
    Just subscribed. Noticed in the confirmation that you live in Kerkhoven, MN.
    My mother’s maiden name is Kerkhoven. It is Dutch, and I was told it means “church yard.”

  8. Before I make any soup or dish I want to know the calories, carbs, fat and all that!! Could you please put that on there!!

    1. We have started adding nutritional value to all of our recipes, it is a process to get it added to the hundreds of recipes we have but we are slowly making the process of adding them to each and every one. There are a lot of websites available to quickly just input the ingredients and serving size in a recipe to calculate it quickly for you as well until we get those labels added to all of our recipes.

  9. Hi I just found you while searching for sausage quiche for dinner and now you may have changed my mind about what I’m going to fix. You have so many awesome recipes posted and I can hardly wait to try them. I have frozen bread crumbs in the freezer so the pina colada bread pudding will be made soon definitely! I’ll be watching you site for sure!!

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