About Allison Miller:

Welcome to Tornadough Alli! We are so happy that you landed on our page! If you haven’t been here before, here you will find fast fix family favorite recipes.

We like to cook from scratch whenever possible, but we are not opposed to taking shortcuts either. We like to make our recipes as simple and easily to navigate as possible!

The recipes you will find on this site are a mixture of family favorites, creative twists and classics that we all know and love.

A little backstory about me: 

I am born in raised in a small town in Minnesota. I am an only child who learned to cook from my mother. I took a liking to baking, but branched out into all sorts of cooking from there.

I am married, I have four kids (three boys and a girl) and we have two cats and one spoiled little pup. 

I am a self taught photographer and videographer. Everything I have learned about blogging and running a business was completely by myself and watching any videos and reading many articles.

I am the author of the cookbook Untraditional Desserts which you can purchase HERE!

I started this blog back in 2015 and have been featured on Buzzfeed, Country Living, Better Homes and Garden, MSN among many others. I take tremendous pride in being able to share all these recipes with my readers and try to keep everyone coming back for more!

Every recipe on Tornadough Alli is tested endlessly to make sure that it is perfect for when you make it. If we don’t like it, we simply don’t share it with you. There are many of times that I had created something in hopes that it would work and it has failed endlessly. 

We all have our flaws and we are only human but here at this site we try to be real, upfront and raw with everyone. We try to provide necessary information when making a recipe and we are always quick to respond to comments and questions regarding anything!

We hope that you have come to stay and become part of the Tornadough Alli family and we are always open to recipe suggestions and input on anything because YOU the readers are who we are here for!

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