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Hey all! I’m Alli, mother of 4 beautiful children, 3 boys ages 13, 11 and 9 and a little princess who is 4. I’m a wife of a loving husband and a LOVER of all things food. I’m a Midwest girl living in a small farming community in Minnesota. I love big flavor and try to do things up in the biggest way I can! 

I started cooking when I was really little. Making up concoctions that my poor father had the pleasure of taste testing, even know some things were just random stuff all thrown together. That love grew into what is now Tornadough Alli!

Where did the name Tornadough Alli come from you may ask? My husband called me a tornado alley with the trail of baking and cooking supplies that I always had out on our counter at any given time. That grew into the more fitting name of Tornadough Alli! The rest is history!

I am known as the foodie to anyone I know and always have my friends and family sending me ideas on what they want me to make! I love sharing food and will always welcome you with a tasty home-baked treat!

I went to school for Law Enforcement-Corrections and my previous jobs include managing retail stores and most recently being a Legal Assistant. I am currently a stay-at-home mom and absolutely love it! Give my kids and I plenty of time to enjoy each other!

I hope you enjoy what you see here! And I hope you continue to come back and see what my crazy, messy life whips up for you. 

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