Instant Pot Bourbon Chicken

Easy, flavorful and quick this Instant Pot Bourbon Chicken takes all the flavors of your favorite takeout meal and lets you make it conveniently at home!

Bourbon Chicken

We love takeout probably more than the average human being should. We would get it all the time if we could, but you know me, I like to have a home cooked meal more often than not. Read more

Gingerbread Cookie Cups with Bourbon Salted Caramel

#cookiecups #gingerbread #saltedcaramel #bourbon

Hey guys! Continuing on with our Salted Caramel week, today I’m guest  posting over at Crafty Allie! I would absolutely love for you to go check out these amazing Gingerbread Cookie Cups with Bourbon Salted Caramel over there! She is having her 12 Day’s of Christmas and I shared these little cups of heaven with her! So go check me out, you wont be sorry!

Bourbon Bacon Jam

If there was anything you wanted to spread on all the things it would be this rich and addicting Bourbon Bacon Jam!

Bacon Jam

Good morning everyone. This morning was definitely not a morning that I wanted to get up. I had a kid up all night coughing and I forgot how cold a room can get during the fall and winter months when you don’t turn on the heat. Burr, talk about not wanting to leave the covers. But obviously I obliged and got myself out of bed and got the kids up and dressed for school. Now I am sitting here writing this post as I drool over what it is about.  Read more