Maple Brown Butter Blondies

Oh gooey sticky maple brown butter blondies, how everyone will love you. A truly decadent dessert, get ready to lick your fingers, drink a big glass of milk and enjoy a nice change from chocolate. 

Rich, sweet and gooey, maple brown butter blondies are an easy treat and a little different than your usual chocolate.

There are very few things easier than homemade blondies. Unless of course you prefer a box of Duncan Hines and just call it good. Read more

Easy Fruit Tart

Dessert can feel a little bit daunting–especially if you doubt your baking skills. But this easy fruit tart with berries and mascarpone sounds fancy, but takes hardly any effort and only a few simple ingredients to pull off. 

Okay let’s admit it–it’s fun to pull out something that looks a little over the top at a company pot luck or family meal. Read more

Butter Parsley New Potatoes

More than one cook in the world thinks mashed potatoes are hard–they make them too soupy, too pasty or too bland. But these butter parsley new potatoes take away all the guesswork of mashing and mixing and still bring a fresh, comforting side dish to your table–no guessing or messing necessary.

A simple side made with seasonal ingredients, butter parsley new potatoes put the freshness of summer to good use.

The first thing you’re probably asking yourself is “What in the world is a new potato Rach?” Well don’t worry. It’s not that big of a deal. Read more

Mixed Berry Crisp

This simple mixed berry crisp is sure to stand up to the summer heat and all you’ll need is a big scoop of ice cream and your elastic waist pants. 

Use up those delicate fresh berries (or frozen ones) in the ultimate summer mixed berry crisp. All comfort. All of the time.

How many times have you faced the task of “bringing something” to an event only to find yourself schlepping out of the closest store with a plastic container of sugar cookies?  Read more