Mixed Berry Crisp

This simple mixed berry crisp is sure to stand up to the summer heat and all you’ll need is a big scoop of ice cream and your elastic waist pants. 

Use up those delicate fresh berries (or frozen ones) in the ultimate summer mixed berry crisp. All comfort. All of the time.

How many times have you faced the task of “bringing something” to an event only to find yourself schlepping out of the closest store with a plastic container of sugar cookies?  Read more

Apple Crisp with Sugar Cookie Crust

Apple Crisp with Sugar Cookie Crust

Is it too early to be posting about Apple Crisp already? I honestly think of this to be a highly acceptable dessert all year round. Especially now in the cooler months because we love it right when it comes out of the oven and it warms you up. Plus apples are sold all year round and so is apple pie filling, which this is actually made of! What?!?! Yes I know, I took the easy way out but sometimes that’s just how I roll. I like to make things quick and simple for your busy lives. So today I bring you this delicious Apple Crisp with Sugar Cookie Crust. Read more