Holiday Fun with Our Bloggy Friends Fall and #Thanksgiving 2015

Hey all! Welcome to our Fall/Thanksgiving 2015 Edition of Holiday Fun with Our Bloggy Friends. I have teamed up again with a group of amazing bloggers to bring  you ideas for your Fall/Thanksgiving get togethers or solo excursions (we all know that we need a little for ourselves!). I hope you guys can find some great inspiration and visit some of these great links! 

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Apple Coffee Cake Donuts

Filled with apples and topped with a crumble topping and sweet glaze these Apple Coffee Cake Donuts are an easy tasty morning snack!

Apple Coffee Cake Donuts

I’ve been sitting on 2 bags of apples for a while now and just haven’t gotten around to using them. Well besides making my awesome Apple Salsa! The other day my lovely husband received a package from Amazon. Well he was such a sweetie and ordered me a donut pan! He knows how much I’ve been wanting one (I usually borrow my moms) and he did what I hadn’t yet gotten around to doing and ordered one for me. What a sweetie! Read more

Throwback Thursday Link Party #12

Throwback Thursday Banner

Hey everyone and welcome to another week of Throwback Thursdays! We are so glad you came back to party with us! This week is special because we have 2 new AWESOME co-hosts!! I would like you to meet Meaghan from 4 Sons ‘R’ Us and Mollie from The Frugal Hausfrau! Quinn and I are so happy to have them with us and can’t wait to see this party grow even more! Read more

Bourbon Bacon Jam

If there was anything you wanted to spread on all the things it would be this rich and addicting Bourbon Bacon Jam!

Bacon Jam

Good morning everyone. This morning was definitely not a morning that I wanted to get up. I had a kid up all night coughing and I forgot how cold a room can get during the fall and winter months when you don’t turn on the heat. Burr, talk about not wanting to leave the covers. But obviously I obliged and got myself out of bed and got the kids up and dressed for school. Now I am sitting here writing this post as I drool over what it is about.  Read more

Pumpkin Bread with Maple Glaze

Pumpkin Bread with Maple Glaze

So I have finally came to the conclusion that I am not ready for winter. I’ve said it once and I’ve said it before, I am not a cold weather gal. Yes, I was born and raised in Minnesota but in no way, shape or form am I ever prepared for winter. None, zero, doesn’t happen. Last year for Christmas my husband bought me an electric car starter so I didn’t have to get into a subzero car when I needed to go anywhere. That my friends is still in the box and has yet to be installed. There are a few day’s where I really could have used it. Now that it’s getting colder out I doubt it will be installed this year at all. Sad face.  Read more

Apple Salsa

Apple Salsa

Another Thursday is upon us! I hope you all join us for tonight’s Throwback Thursday link party! Whoop! So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about game day snacks. Or heck just any appetizer, dips, finger food in general because it just happens to be my favorite….EVA! Yup, I will sit down and eat appetizers and graze all day if I had the chance, not even sorry for that. Couldn’t care less about a full meal again as long as I got multiple little munching options.  Read more

Garlic Bread Poppers

Garic Bread Poppers

Have you guy’s ever woke up just famished? That is me this morning. I am so hungry but do not know what to do about it. Yes I know why don’t I just eat something? Like i said before, I’m not a breakfast person so I don’t usually eat breakfast food. I’ll probably devour any sweets that I have laying on my counter because that’s just what I do! That’s acceptable breakfast food right? It’s giving me fuel for the day. Granted I’ll probably have a sugar crash but naps are cool too. I can do that. I’m allowed. Read more