Kool Aid Pickles

Tangy, sweet and sour these Kool Aid Pickles are a crazy twist on a usually savory condiment that becomes a wacky and tasty flavor combination.

Kool Aid Pickles

Have you heard of Kool Aid Pickles or Koolickles before? If you haven’t yes, they are a thing. Originating from the Delta area they have taken the south and now the north by storm with their kooky flavor combinations!


If you cant figure out by the name itself Kool Aid Pickles are pickles that are soaked in a pickle juice, Kool Aid and sugar combination and brined for about a week. They take on a deep red, purple or blue color depending on the flavor of Kool Aid used. 

How To Make Kool Aid Pickles


Like state above these pickles are made with pickle juice, Kool aid and sugar. The most popular flavors of Kool Aid used are Tropical Punch and Cherry. But you can use pretty much any flavor that you like.

The sugar and Kool Aid are whisked into the pickle juice and then poured back over the pickles and placed in the refrigerator for about 1 week. Shaking every day to make sure that the brine is evenly distributed so that the pickles can take on the flavor and color of the Kool Aid used.

Kool Aid Pickles Recipe

These Kool Aid Pickles are not for the faint of heart, there are only two sides to these. Either you love them or hate them and people have STRONG options about these. But who wouldn’t love sweet and sour/salty flavors together? I know that it is one of my favorite combinations.

So for this recipe we used cherry Kool Aid, but like I said you can use any flavor that you like. These turned a bright and deep red that really made the pickles unique and questioned.

Kool Aid Pickle

When I mentioned that I was going to make these to my family and friends I got mixed reviews. My kids absolutely love pickles and Kool Aid so they were super excited to try them! 

If you want a comparison for flavor on these…if there really is any type of comparison it would have to be sweet pickle relish. I’m a huge sucker for sweet pickle relish and the sweetness of these Kool Aid Pickles really hit the nail on the head with that one!

Pickle Kool Aid

So needless to say, these are a keeper for us. They are a fun and crazy snack that you can nibble on, whip out at get togethers to show some guests or just have around because you already love them. An easy recipe for sure.

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Kool Aid Pickles
Prep Time
5 mins
Refrigerate Time
7 d

Tangy, sweet and sour these Kool Aid Pickles are a crazy twist on a usually savory condiment that becomes a wacky and tasty flavor combination.

Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
  • 1 32 oz jar dill pickle spears
  • 1 packet kool aid any flavor
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  1. In large bowl drain your pickle juice from jar.

  2. Add in Kool aid and sugar to pickle juice and whisk together until dissolved.
  3. Pour back into jar with pickles, you may have a little juice left over.
  4. Seal top and shake.
  5. Place in refrigerator for 5-7 days shaking once a day.
Recipe Notes

We used cherry Kool aid for these pickles.

Tangy, sweet and sour these Kool Aid Pickles are a crazy twist on a usually savory condiment that becomes a wacky and tasty flavor combination.

44 thoughts on “Kool Aid Pickles

  1. The pickles sound kinda good … look pretty …. BUT ….. I am wondering….’DO THEY STAIN YOUR TEETH’???? (not the normal teeth) ha ….

    1. No they do not stain your biological teeth and your borrowed teeth😜 are pretty much like the real deal as in texture and materials used I would think (I assume, not sure cus I still have my original set).

      1. Yes actually they turn out even better using spend instead of the regular sugar. The splenda really sets the flavor in the pickles and the sweetness without all that sugar (fat/diabetes). I mix mines though with splenda and regular sugar but more splenda and why I do that I don’t rather than just splenda alone I don’t have a clue, I guess it just feels right lol😜. But ladies give that splenda a try n notice the difference and let me know what you think? You’ll love it! Have a nice day everyone.

    1. I love sweeter pickles so you could absolutely try them, won’t have the little zing behind them but more sweet which would be really good. I would still add sugar so it dilutes the Kool Aid a bit but you can lessen the amount.

  2. I made them with cherry Kool aid
    They are in my fridge waiting for a week before I wat them….. definitely will use it as a relish and flavor in my macaroni salad

  3. Regarding sugar free- we just made a fruit punch batch with Crystal Light liquid water additive and they turned out super!

  4. We would slice dill pickles thick. Lay them flat Mix SF black cherry and tajin together and rub over the top of the dill slices. Hope. What a kick. Addictive for sure

    1. I leave them in a week usually, that way they have had amble time to soak up all the flavor and color. I’m sure even as little as say 3 days may work but wouldn’t be as potent.

  5. I made some
    Wow !!! Awesome goodness
    If u like sweet but tangy stuff
    We ate the whole jar in 30 mins.
    Yummy goodness an refreshing

  6. I have looked at all the grocery stores and can’t find any of the Kool aide packets. The only thing I can find is the liquid concentrate that contains artificial sweeteners which I don’t care for, they all have an aftertaste to them. So I wonder if jello would work. I’m gonna try a little amount to see if it works, I’ll never know if I don’t try. I really want to try these pickles.

  7. Im almodt 30 and have been eating these since i was a kid.. Kool aid pickles and snow cones were the highlight of tje summer growing up.. Now being am adult theres a whole new spin on them… Theres a store in my home town that sells Ciroc pickles where the alcohol/liquor is mixed in them as well

  8. Credit should be given to Alton Brown for this recipe. He featured this on a show called “Dill-icious” Season 11 Episode 8 of “Good Eats”

  9. Can sugar substitute be used. Being diabetic I try to watch my sugar intake. Want to try this recipe for our upcoming church dinner.

  10. I love these,my sis brought m 5jar from Mississippi awesome they were made with snow cone syrup..omg so good..I’m ready to eat some I made with cherry and lemon flavored Kool aid..mixed together..you must try this great tku

  11. I started the process yesterday and I can’t wait to try them. Oh watermelon 🍉 flavor koolaid is what I used. I will let you guys know how it taste.

  12. I used sour pickles cut up in spears. Used the pickle juice with black cherry koolaid. I wanted to go healthier, so I used stevia and it came out awesome. So any sugar substitute would work great.
    Good eatings….

  13. I make kool aid pickles but have problems with the backside of the pickle taking on the color if I just do spears

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