Snickers Brownies

Indulgent and fun these Snickers Brownies has all the layers of your favorite candy bar but in a gooey moist brownie goodness.

Snickers Brownies
ow is it already Tuesday?!?!? I feel like I’ve been neglecting everyone! I usually like to post every day but life has caught up with me. With the kids back in school, going away for the weekend, a sick child I haven’t been able to post as much as I like. Will you still love me if I post every other day instead? I hope we can still be friends if I do that. I promise I’ll bring you lots of yummy yummy treats! Bribery at it’s best. Who can turn down treats! I know that I can’t. Want me to do something, give me food and I’ll consider it!  Read more

Southern Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding Tornadough Alli 6


So I am happy to say that I have a house full of semi-well people! My son is completely over his stomach bug, woo hoo! I am so happy that as of yet I havent gotten sick. Usually I’m the first one to get sick after my kids come home with the crud. My husband on the other hand seems to be immune. That also could be because he avoids us like the plague when anyone when we are sick. Gee, I wish I could avoid everyone when they are sick, guess it comes with the territory of being Dr. Mom! Read more