Pina Colada Moscato Mocktail

This easy and refreshing Pina Colada Moscato Mocktail is a fruity and flavorful non alcoholic drink for those who prefer a little lighter flavor. 

Pina Colada Moscato Mocktail

Have you guys ever heard of non alcoholic wine? I was surprised when I brought this up to a group of my friends and they had never heard of such a thing! It’s exactly like NA beer but wine version.  Read more

Low-Carb Golden Milk

A deliciously spiced healthy drink, this Low Carb Golden Milk is the perfect way to end your evening!

Golden Milk

So lately I’ve been really pushing myself to incorporate more turmeric into my diet. I’ve seen from so many healthy food bloggers about all the healing and health benefits that it actually has and I figured, hey, it’s a spice it can’t hurt any! Read more