Peanut Butter Burgers (with optional Candied Bacon)

Peanut Butter Burgers with optional Candied Bacon

So it’s the first official weekend since school has been out. It honestly doesn’t feel any different. My boy’s are already telling me they are bored by 10:00 am. I have a feeling this is going to be a long summer. Thankfully last year we moved into town from the country! I know a lot of people who would kill to live out in the country, not this gal. Yes, the privacy is nice, and the quietness is awesome, but it’s almost too quiet. I’m the type of girl who likes to go, go, go. Country didn’t suit me well because there never really was anything to see or do. Now with the conveniences of town I have access to other moms, a gas station, a restaurant, a pool and a park. Have you noticed how I used these words in the singular? That’s right, they have one of each of these things. My town = population 800. Read more