Easy Dinner Solutions

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Easy, quick and delicious these Tai Pei single serve entrees are the perfect Easy Dinner Solution!

Easy Dinner Solutions

So one thing you may or may not know about my family is that my husband works really long hours. So some days I don’t bother making huge meals because they would usually just go cold, and what fun is that?

So as a work from home wife and mother you kind of feel bad when you aren’t able to give your husband a deliciously home cooked meal every night. But you see that’s just not how our family dynamic works around here. We are sort of unconventional and it’s always been this way. 

Easy Dinner Solutions

One thing that ALWAYS puts a smile on my husbands face is when he sees that I have Tai Pei frozen entrees in the freezer. We literally have been eating these for years. Like since we got married and were trying to raise our little ones on pennies. These were our go to easy and delicious meals. 

Easy Dinner Solutions

Tai Pei has so many different varieties to choose from. With their all new packaging makes them quick and simple to whip up in minutes. And when you’re like us and you’re short in time then these are literal saviors. And we keep our freezer stocked up with delicious Asian Food!

My husbands favorite flavor is this Beef and Broccoli. He’s always been a beef guy where I’ve always been a chicken girl, so it comes in handy where we don’t have to fight over the same one! And with all their quality ingredients and none of the bad stuff, you know you’re getting the good stuff every single time. 

Easy Dinner Solutions

These take away the boredom of dinnertime, whenever that may be to you. So pick some up the next time your at the store. You can find where you can grab some near you using their store locator! And right now you can also snatch up this $1 off coupon to use in your purchase for these delicious Asian Food.

Easy Dinner Solutions

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Easy Dinner Solutions {Quick Easy Meal When Short on Time} Easy, quick and delicious these Tai Pei single serve entrees are the perfect Easy Dinner Solution!

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