Sticky Pumpkin Caramel Puddings with Brown Butter Ice Cream

Sticky Pumpkin Caramel Puddings are a fall-inspired play on the classic British dessert, Sticky Toffee Pudding. What makes this dessert stand out, especially, is the brown butter ice cream!

   Sticky Pumpkin Caramel Puddings are a fall-inspired play on the classic British dessert, Sticky Toffee Pudding. What makes this dessert stand out, especially, is the brown butter ice cream! 

Fall is the season to start having warm and cozy desserts. Well… food in general but desserts are what everyone really looks forward to. Read more

Cauldron Cups

These brownie Cauldron Cups are a fun and easy Halloween treat that are perfect for the kids and are seriously addicting! They are a handheld quick and tasty dessert delight!

Cauldron Cups

Ok so I’m trying to get into the spirit of Halloween! I mean it is less than a month away and my kids have been begging me since the end of august to get their costumes…seriously, I mean who needs their costumes 2 months ahead of time. Apparently my kids, that’s who! Read more

Chewy Monster Cookies

Soft, chewy and downright delicious these Monster Cookie are a fun and spooky recipe that the whole family will love.

Monster Cookies

Ok so I completely understand that Halloween is still over a month away. But if you’re anything like me you like to get prepared as much ahead of time before holidays as I can, ya know? Read more

Shopkins Layer Cake

Fun, bright and delicious this Shopkins Layer Cake is everyone girls birthday dream! Colorful and bold fit for the perfect party!

Shopkins Layer Cake

So we had a birthday earlier this week! My daughter turned 4! I can’t believe my youngest is now 4! We have a larger age gap between her and my boys who are 9, almost 11 and almost 13. Read more

The Best Apple Pie

Who can resist The Best Apple Pie? Decorated with fun fall leaves this is definitely a show stopping pie!

The Best Apple Pie

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So I do you randomly browse Amazon for stuff? That’s me nightly. I never usually find anything in particular and kinds just see what Amazon has recommended for me based on my browsing history to see if there’s anything that peaks my interest.  Read more

Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Creamy, silky, light and delicious this Pumpkin Mousse Pie is a fun alternative to the classic pumpkin pie that everyone will enjoy!

Pumpkin Mousse Pie

So, as much as I love pumpkin desserts, I loathe pumpkin pie. It’s completely weird right? I mean who adores pumpkin but hates the classic. traditional pie? Yeah that would be this weirdo right here.  Read more

Reese’s Overload Bars

Loaded with peanut butter and chocolatey goodness these Reese’s Overload Bars are your new go hand held treat for morning, noon or night!e your new go hand help treat!

Reese's Overload Bars

So I have a sweets addiction…gee like you can already tell right? I mean my blog is plastered with all things cake and sugar and chocolate that I mean even someone who doesn’t know me could clearly tell. Read more

Easy Fruit Tart

Dessert can feel a little bit daunting–especially if you doubt your baking skills. But this easy fruit tart with berries and mascarpone sounds fancy, but takes hardly any effort and only a few simple ingredients to pull off. 

Okay let’s admit it–it’s fun to pull out something that looks a little over the top at a company pot luck or family meal. Read more

Apple Butter Layer Cake

Triple layers of moist goodness this Apple Butter Layer Cake is a fall treat covered and filled with a lightly spiced cinnamon cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans!

Apple Butter Layer Cake

So you guys…I just can’t keep myself away from the cakes. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, all the fall flavors are popping out of the woodwork and I can’t help but adore baking this time of year because all the apple and pumpkin recipes are hands down some of my favorites. Read more

Oreo Ice Cream Freak Cake

Need something fun and easy to cool down with I’m these dog days of summer? This Oreo Ice Cream Freak Cake is just the answer. 

This post is sponsored by I Love Ice Cream Cakes. All opinions are my own.

Oreo Ice Cream Freak Cake2

Summer isn’t over yet my friends! We still have a month left of vacation before my kids go back to school. Read more