Be Healthy with Mott’s®

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mott’s®.

Staying healthy is an important part of life, Mott’s makes that just a little bit easier and tastier!

Be Healthy with Mott's

With a growing family of 4 kids, ages 3-12, I am one busy mama. From dance to basketball, to baseball and friends, this lady is always on the go with some sort of activity with my kids. It seems like once summer hits, life just takes a turn and it’s non-stop going for our family and finding time to find the right foods, snacks and drinks becomes a challenge.

Right now as my boys are in school, during the day it is just my daughter, who is 3, and myself. Working from home has its challenges, but also finding things that my daughter likes to eat that are equally nutritious as well as tasty comes into play tenfold. I never really had a picky eater until this little lady was born. Luckily I have found some of the best go to snacks around that this gal will gladly accept.

Be Healthy with Mott's

Mott’s Apple Sauces and Juices are just the answer in this household. Not only for my daughter but for my boys as well. They are a quick and easy snack for snack time, to go along side lunch and to throw into my boys’ lunch boxes or for them to quickly eat before practice or a big game. 

Be Healthy with Mott's

We absolutely love the individual pouches. They are the best for the on the go snacking that we always seem to be doing! Especially, like I said, when we are go, go, go in the summer time with all of our activities. The handled treat just makes everything so much easier to grab and go!

This year, Mott’s and Walmart want to help you track your child’s growth and ensure that all children are given the chance to grow up big and strong! You can get yourself a fun and easy to track growth chart just for purchasing Mott’s products!

Be Healthy with Mott's

What do you need to do to get the chart? 

1. Buy $10 worth of Mott’s juice or sauce at Walmart

2. Register for the offer on

3. Upload receipts on now through 9/15/2017

4. The growth chart will be mailed to your home once receipts have been verified.

Seriously how much more simple can that be? Mott’s is full of real fruit and essential vitamins that help your child start strong and grow strong. And help your children be healthy in their everyday life! Now who could ever turn that down? I know that this mama can’t!

Be Healthy with Mott's

You can find these delicious products at your local Walmart stores. The Mott’s juice is located in the juice section and the Mott’s sauce is located in the apple/fruit section. There are so so so many different flavors to choose from. They also offer unsweetened versions of their sauces which we absolutely adore. 

Be Healthy with Mott's

In helping your child grow big and strong what is your absolute favorite Mott’s product that you and your children like to enjoy? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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