I Wrote A Cookbook!

You heard that right! I wrote a cookbook! And I couldn’t be more happy to share with you guys what I’ve been doing these last several months behind the scenes!

I’ve been waiting a long time to share this with you all. If you’ve followed me for any length of time on social media you will see that I just announced that I have written a cookbook. A desserts cookbook to say the least! If you’ve been wondering why you’ve been seeing more savory posts, its because I’ve been using all my baking powder to go into this book.

The book is called 100 Traditional Untraditional Desserts – Classics with a Twist! You guys, this cookbook has been a labor of love, blood, sweat and literal tears. I have busted my butt since mid January to create 100 deliciously amazing recipes to share with you all and I couldn’t be more excited.

A couple of the recipes in the book are on the site, but with new photos, and by a couple I mean there are like 4 recipes from my site in the book because they fit the theme. All of the recipes in the Traditional Untraditional Desserts book are all new created by me, photographed by me and that are seriously fun.

Now when you think Traditional Untraditional what comes to mine? Well, it means that you take a traditional dessert like a Apple Crisp, but turn it into something else like this Apple Crisp Cheesecake!

This one was one of our favorites. We love both Apple Crisp and Cheesecake so combining the two was just literal heaven. To the layers of apples and then the streusel topping, I mean its creamy, crunchy and silky all at the same time.

What about these Mocha Frappe Cupcake? I mean we already know that coffee and chocolate go well together, but the extra boost of caffeine in these bad boys (really there isn’t much) are just pure awesomeness.

I love coffee, but these cupcakes kind of rank a little bit higher than that. Like maybe a lot higher, because you have both coffee and chocolate together in the cupcake, then coffee in the buttercream so you have a double dose of that coffee goodness, you know what I’m saying!

How about cookies? Do you all love cookies? We sure do here. Well what about mashing them up with some breakfast? You’ll fall in love with these Cinnamon Roll Cookies as well! Literally cinnamon roll filing is baked right inside these delightful little handheld treats!

You won’t be able to stop eating these. These were one of my kids all time favorites because they love both cinnamon rolls and cookies, then adding that glaze on top really gives it the feel of the classic treat. Are you getting where I’m going with the classics with a twist idea?

The book is available for preorder RIGHT NOW!!! You can order it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and Indie Bound or wherever books are sold. The release date is in November so this book would make a seriously fun Christmas gift!

If it wasn’t for you amazing readers of mine, this dream would have never become possible and I owe it all to you and keeping coming back to see what I’m making. Without you, this would have never happened and I owe you all the love and thanks in the world.

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