Shopkins Layer Cake

Fun, bright and delicious this Shopkins Layer Cake is everyone girls birthday dream! Colorful and bold fit for the perfect party!

Shopkins Layer Cake

So we had a birthday earlier this week! My daughter turned 4! I can’t believe my youngest is now 4! We have a larger age gap between her and my boys who are 9, almost 11 and almost 13. Read more

Lemon Crumb Cake – Olive Garden Copycat

Lemon Crumb Cake

So yesterday was my amazing mother’s birthday! She turned 25 for like the 17th time….so younger than me, but that’s cool, I’ll turn that again one day 😉 Anyways, she asked me to make her a cake, obviously being the baker I am I happily obliged. So I asked her what she was craving, and lemon being one of her favorite flavors she told me that. Well I don’t know about you guy’s but this Lemon Crumb Cake from Olive Garden has been one of my favorite lemon desserts for the longest time. It is so light with just the perfect amount of lemon flavor AND those crumbs!! Yum, so I knew that this was the cake that I was going to make her.  Read more