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Chocoflan Recipe

Nothing beats two desserts in one! A moist chocolate cake on the bottom topped with a luscious creamy flan making this Chocoflan Recipe the perfect cake!
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time1 hr 15 mins
Total Time1 hr 30 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American, Mexican
Servings: 12
Calories: 404kcal



  • 2 tsp butter
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 12 oz evaporated milk
  • 14 oz sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 Tbs vanilla extract


  • 1 box chocolate cake mix Use the ingredients listed on the back of the cake mix, BUT instead of water, use milk.



  • Preheat the oven to 425° and butter a 12-cup bundt cake pan.
  • Place the sugar in a small pan and cook over medium heat. Use a rubber spatula and stir until the sugar is melted and smooth. Pour into the greased bundt cake pan. Let this cool before adding the flan mixture. It will get hard and that is normal.
  • Place the eggs, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla into a blender and blend for 30 seconds. Pour over the cooled, hardened caramel. Place foil over the pan.
  • Place a larger pan on an oven rack, then place the bundt cake pan into the larger pan. Pour warm water into the larger pan. The water needs to be about halfway up the sides of the bundt cake pan. Don’t let any water get into the bundt pan.
  • Bake for 20 minutes.


  • While the flan is baking, combine the cake mix and the ingredients listed on the back (replacing the water for milk). Beat for the time listed on the box.
  • Once the flan has baked for 20 minutes, pull out the rack and remove the foil.
  • Using a spoon, slowly add a few scoops of the batter around the flan, until all the cake mix has been added evenly around the flan. Gently smooth out, careful not to press down on the batter.
  • 3.Replace the foil and bake for 50 to 55 minutes. Check for doneness by inserting a toothpick. If it comes out clean, it is finished.
  • Remove the bundt cake pan from the water bath and place on a cooling rack.
  • Let the cake cool for 2 hours until very cool. At this time, you can place in the refrigerator overnight, or flip onto a plate.
  • The longer the cake stays in the pan, the more the caramel will melt and create a delightful syrup.
  • Serve with cajeta for an extra bit of goodness.


  1. This requires a water bath, so make sure that you have a pan large and high enough that will fit both the bundt pan and the water.
  2. You can use homemade cake mix instead of a doctored up box mix like we do.
  3. We use cajeta to serve on top of this, this is a caramel sauce just like dulce de leches, which you can use as well.
  4. We substitute milk for the water in the cake mix to make it more rich and dense.
  5. You will want to butter or grease with shortening the bundt pan very well before baking this so it comes out super easy, you will most likely still need to run a knife around the sides.
  6. There are two cooking portions of this, you will cook the flan slightly but not fully before adding the cake mix on top of that, so do NOT add the cake mix directly over the unbaked flan.


Calories: 404kcal | Carbohydrates: 64g | Protein: 9g | Fat: 14g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 79mg | Sodium: 407mg | Potassium: 350mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 51g | Vitamin A: 295IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 231mg | Iron: 2mg