How to Build The Ultimate Snack Stadium

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It’ that time of year again! Are you big lovers of football? Are you excited for the Big Game? Do you have a lot of get togethers? If any of these statements are true, then you’ll need to read on!

Today I’m sharing my ultimate Snack Stadium, with directions! This stadium is the perfect centerpiece to hold all your game day snacks! I have aways wanted to build one of these bad boys and I finally got the chance, and I’m beyond excited to share this with you. 

While I was visiting my local Walmart I picked up some amazing snacks from SNICKERS®, Skittles®, Pepsi™and TOSTITOS® as well as all the equipment I needed to build the stadium. These brands are my essential game day snacks and are perfect for the Big Game!


Mars Collage


Items you’ll need:

2 (two) 18″x18″x24″ heavy duty corrugated card board boxes
4 (four) 12.25″x8.13″x1.13″ Cake Pans with lids
2 (two) 13″x9″x2″ Cake Pan
1 Deep Roaster Pan
5 or more sheets of white poster board
1 roll black duct tape
Glue Gun
Lots of glue sticks
Various decorations
Delicious snacks including: SNICKERS®, Skittles®, Pepsi™ and TOSTITOS®


This tutorial is the general instructions on how to construct the Snack Stadium. I’ll show you what I used to decorate  but you can decorate your stadium to your liking and game day preferences.

Step 1:
Cut cardboard into 2 (two) 18″x24″ pices and 1 (one) 18″x18″ piece. Start by laying your smaller cake pans onto your 18″x24″ sheet and trace side around each pan leaving room on either side and above pan. Cut holes as shown in picture below where you traced. Laying your larger pan the opposite direction trace and cut a hole for that one in the 18″x18″ card board sheet. Finally cut 2 (two) 24″x9″ peices and 1 (one) 18″x9″ piece and leave as is, these will be your back support shown in later steps.



Step 2:

Remove baking pans from cardboard and lay your sheets of cardboard over the tops of your poster board and trace around edges and cut outs. Cut your poster board to fit and glue over the top of cardboard.


pic 1
(Here you can see the support pieces, I made 2 extra pieces thinking I was going to have another side to my stadium which I ended up not adding so disregard the picture of the extra set)

Step 3:

To attach the back support to the front, cut small pieces from your left over cardboard and use as hinges and glue onto one another with glue gun. Repeat with all 3 sides.


Cut yourselves 2 (two) 2″x24″ long pieces and 1 (one) 2″x18 long piece to prop up your front portion.


Attach the front portion the same way using scraps like we did the back (pictured above) repeating with all 3 sides.


To hold everything together and finish off your stadium pieces, cut a long strip of cardboard that reaches from the front to the back and glue it into place. Repeat this 2 times on each stadium piece you have, this will provide as your bottom support base. Using your black duct tape go around the top of each of your sections and tape off the seams.  That completes your structure of the stadium and now its time to decorate! Woohoo!

0106161053b (1)
(Completed Section)

Step 4 (non-essential):

Now if you’re anything like me and love extra snacks, I built some extra storage for around the stadium, extra seating space so to say. This storage is made out of 2 halves of a cake pan which are propped up on their lids (pictured below)

For this step, cut your extra cake pan in half and cover your cut sides with the duct tape. Using some extra cardboard build a hinge like shown in the previous step and glue to the top. Make sure this hinge is long enough that when you prop it up on top of your cake pan lid it will show over the side of your stadium. 

Extra Support

Step 5:

Time to decorate! Now you can decorate to how you like, but I’ll give you brief descriptions on what I did.

Decorative Collage

What I ended up doing was I picked up some black pennant banners and glued them all around the outside to jazz it up and give it a little sports flair. I made field goal posts out of wooden dowels and foam sheets which I hot glued around each dowel and then glued to each section to make a post. I made stadium lights from wooden dowels and card board wrapped in tin foil and studded them with stick on rhinestones (fancy eh?) to give it the shimmer of an actual light. Last but certainly not least, my jumbotron! You can’t have a stadium without a jumbotron or two! These bad boys are made out of poster board, metallic card stock, swirled decorative straws and stickers. I also used left over poster board to cover the two front sides of my stadium so you cannot see under. See isn’t decorating easy? 


Now this is the easy part! Place your roaster pan in the middle and then surround with cans of Pepsi™. Place your longer sections across from one another along the longer side of the roaster and the short end along one of the shorter side. Place your extra snack support pieces in between the open spots on the corners of the long sides. Place all pans in each cut out spots and fill everything with snacks! Ta-da! Easy peasy! This Snack Stadium will be the talk of your party and is a delicious and creative way to serve snacks for the Big Game. 

Middle and Sides

Like the old saying goes…Go BIG or go HOME! There is no shortage on space with this Snack Stadium. Besides being a creative focal centerpiece, it is a fun way to display all your snacks and beverages and keeping in the spirit of the Big Game.

Snack Stadium Pic 1

Here’s an Ariel view! Nothing beats flying overhead!

 Snack Stadium Close 2

Best seat in the house! Touchdown anyone?

Do you have any plans this year for the Big Game? I would love to know your amazing ideas and how you celebrate! Want some more snack stadium ideas? Swing over HERE to see whats in store. 

Final Stadium



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