DIY Fabric Wall Art

DIY Fabric Wall Art

Hey guys! Happy Friday. I’m so happy the weekend is here. I am seriously in need of some rest. Been one of those weeks where sleeping didn’t seem like it wanted to happen. My body and mind were in a battle to see who was more in control. Body officially won. Welcome the weekend!

So usually here on Tornadough Alli you are used to seeing recipes. Well let’s be honest, I am a mother of 4, married and own a home. I think I can be a little crafty at times as well. So every once and awhile you’ll see me post some of our DIY excursions that we’ve been on since buying our home. Usually these will pop up when I haven’t had time to cook or I had a recipe flop, which in this case happened today. I’m so sad. Luckily its still very edible but cosmetically it’s not ready for its debut.

Anyways, we bought our house a year ago. It’s a large 3 story fixer upper that is a little over 100 years old.

Our home

Oh look here it is. Yeah, some of that has changed now. We have removed the giant Virgin Mary statue and plants there in the front and replaced them with a Hydrangea bush, Hosta’s, Lily’s, rocks and mulch. Other than that she still looks the same. Hopefully within the next year we will paint our deck and replace the grey siding on our porch/bathroom.

Since when we bought the home it was still back in the 70’s, yup paneling and wallpaper galore. And then whats worse is that there is wallpaper on top of paneling, yeah… anyways, well since we moved in we have been doing little things here and there to bring it back into modern times. We have since removed the linoleum floors in our kitchen and pantry and replaced with the fake wood plank ones (oh I wish I could afford real hardwood), and we also replaced our counter top and added some back splash! It looks a lot better now than it did a year ago.

One project that we dove right into was our bedroom. It literally had white wood looking paneling with light pink trim and bright red carpet! So that all changed. Now we have a sleek crisp white accent wall (which I added a subtle glitter to the paint) and the rest of the walls are grey. We added white trim and ripped up the carpet and we panted the hardwood underneath black. Looks nice and clean now, but I needed some decorating ideas. I remember seeing in a magazine once about making fabric wall panels so I set on a mission and that was what I was going to do.

Makes 6 9″ x 22″  pictures

Items needed:

2 22″x28″ poster boards
2 yards fabric
Exacto knife
Measuring tape/yard stick
Hot glue gun
6 sawtooth hangers
12 small nails


Pick out fabric that will match your decor or color scheme you like. You can get as many different patterns as you like as long as you at least have 2 yards.  Grab your poster board and measure 9″ in 3 different intervals along side the longer side of the board and make a pencil mark (you will have an extra inch of poster board left over, just toss) after each interval. Using your exacto knife, line up your yard stick along your pencil mark and cut until you get your first 9″x22″ strip. Repeat with remaining poster board until all is used up.

DIY Fabric Wall Art 3

Next lay out your fabric and place your poster board on top, cut around the poster board leaving about a 1.5 inch over hang of fabric on each side. Continue with each piece until each piece of poster board has a corresponding piece of fabric.

 DIY Fabric Wall Art 2

 Heat up your glue gun. Lay your fabric pattern side down on a hard surface place your poster board on top and working from the top place glue on the poster board in a straight line about 1/2-1″ from the top of the board. Grab your fabric and pull over the glue and press down so it holds. Fold in your corners and glue down. Pulling fabric tight continue around each side. The corners will probably have a little extra fabric bunched, if that happens just cut it off. Repeat with remaining pieces.

Once everything is glued down add your hangers to the top by pressing in the nails, or if you can’t find any nails small enough you can hot glue the hangers onto the back. Arrange in your desired pattern and enjoy a creative and cheap diy room project!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Wall Art

    1. It is very simple! Great for a small budget like we had when we first moved in with all renos going on. Adds just the perfect pop of color to our room. Thanks for stopping by!

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