Cowboy Quiche

Cowboy Quiche

Do you ever get those days where you just don’t want to wake up? Today was one of them. Usually I’m up by 6:00-6:30 every day but today wasn’t one of those days. With the last day of school being tomorrow I think my body thinks it’s appropriate to be sleeping in. Yeah, not gonna happen. Even though I am so excited to have all my kids home with me. Here is a little history on my kids, I have 3 boys; Jaiden who is 10, Keagen who is 8 and Avery who is 6. Then we have our little princess Nova who is 1 and a half. They are a handful but they are my life.  Read more

Beer Brats

Beer Brats

I hope everyone had a relaxing, food filled Memorial Day weekend! I know that I did. And now I can almost guarantee that I’m going to be so lost on what day it is for the rest of the week. Being a stay at home mom I have a hard time keeping track already but throw in a holiday at the beginning of the week where my kids and husband are home and now you just disrupt my whole natural process. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who can say this! Read more

Baked Butterfinger Donuts

b donuts

Happy Memorial Day all! What better way to start the day than some delicious homemade donuts? I’m highly addicted to sweets and anytime I can have sugar for breakfast then I’m sold. I do have to admit though, I’m not entirely a breakfast person. Yes I know they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I’m sorry I’m just not a breakfast person! Read more

Impossible Pie

Impossible Pie

Pie, who doesn’t love it? Especially when you don’t have to spend hours slaving in your kitchen. One thing that makes this the most simplest of all is that it makes its own crust. Who doesn’t love a recipe who does half the work for you? Um, if your’re raising your hand then shoo, because in my life with 4 kids, simplicity is key.  Read more

BLT Pasta Salad


Is anyone else as happy as I am that summer is nearing? This is my most favorite time of year. I live in Minnesota and the majority of our year is spent in the cold weather. Heck, just the other day it was 40 degrees out and now today its 75. Mother nature here just cannot make up her mind. I can in all honestly say that after my kids grow up and start their lives I am going to be a snow bird. Read more

Philly Cheesesteak Dip


You guys, I have an addiction. This one could seriously do me in for good. I think I may need to seek help. I made Philly Cheesesteaks two nights in a row…and then again later that week. I can’t help it, I’m hooked. Luckily my husband shares in this addiction so its okay right? Well guess what, now everyone can enjoy the yummy goodness in dip form. Game day just got kicked up a notch!! Read more

Hello World!

Hey everyone! I am happy to say I am back blogging again! It’s been a few years since I stopped when I became pregnant with my daughter and am so excited be be doing what I love. I am in the process of redesigning and getting this blog up and going so please stick with me through this process. It most likely will not be the prettiest of things right away, but as time goes by it will evolve. I will be adding my recipes while in the process of design so you are more than welcome to check those out! Thank you and welcome to Tornadough Alli!